Project Updates, Research Stories and other News

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

2017 Summer Project Meeting

Our 2017 summer meeting was held on the 31st May at the University of Oxford, Department of Biochemistry, with a full day of talks and enthusiastic discussions from all the groups. Presentations were given by the investigators, post-docs and students and we were fortunate to have two members of the Scientific Advisory Board with us for the day, John Tyson (Virginia Polytechnic Institute, USA) and Valeriu Damian, Director of the Modelling and Translational Biology, GlaxoSmithKline.

Thursday, Mar 23, 2017

Science Week Interview with Professor Hochegger

In a video to celebrate the 2017 British Science Week, Dr Helfrid Hochegger explains how his research investigates cell division and proliferation in the fight against cancer. 2017 British Science Week Video

Wednesday, Mar 22, 2017

Paper published in Nature Communications

This paper details the discovery that a protein called p21 helps stop cells from passing on DNA damage that occurs during cell division. Since cancerous cells develop when genetic damage is left unchecked, the research could improve our understanding of what goes wrong in the lead-up to cancer. It could also help researchers develop new ways to kill off cancerous cells. The work published in the journal Nature Communications, found that high levels of p21 build up in cells that incur DNA damage as they divide.

Wednesday, Mar 15, 2017

New Website

This week we launched our new website

The site has been moved onto a more stable platform and the design adapted to fit in with the project team requirements. The publications section has been upgraded to display additional links, members’ pages now show their project publications and PPSIM Visualisation-Dashboard more easily accessible. The work was carried out by Lukas Hutter with support from Charlotte Smith. If you have any queries please contact Charlotte Smith at

Thursday, Dec 1, 2016

December 2016 Project Meeting

Our annual project meeting was held in Keble College, Oxford and included two days of project updates, scientific presentations and sharing ideas. The presentations were divided into four sessions and all the groups joined in the animated discussions.

Saturday, Jun 11, 2016

Interviews with Prof. Novak (in Hungarian)

While on a visit to Budapest in May 2016, Bela Novak was interviewed for two Hungarian publications,. The interviews in Hungarian are available here. Interview with the Budapest Science Meetup Article in the Hungarian Chemical Journal

Wednesday, Jan 27, 2016

Paper published in Cell Systems

A major publication from the Bicycle project is helping to reveal how mammalian cells control transition into the DNA replication phase of the cell cycle. The research published in Cell Systems (1) comes from the ongoing collaboration between the labs of Bela Novak (Oxford) and Chris Bakal (ICR), who are investigators on the Bicycle project together with Francis Barr, Ulrike Gruneberg and Helfrid Hochegger. Postdocs Alexis Barr at the ICR and Stefan Heldt in Oxford are responsible for much of the work carried out for this paper.

Monday, Dec 1, 2014

December 2014 Project Meeting

Our first project meeting took place on the first official day of the grant, 1st December 2014. The meeting was held in the Department of Biochemistry in Oxford and involved all the project groups and representatives from project partner GSK.